Saturday, January 29, 2011

I believe in ENERGY

Here is the short "I believe" statement we were asked to write for a Monday night program at Sadhana Forest sponsored by Jamey.  I spent about an hour writing it and then volunteered to read it out loud (with much gusto) to the community at dinner time last week.  It was received with much applause and good cheer.

It embodies much of what I love about Sadhana and what I learned when I grew there.  Enjoy!

January 24, 2011

I believe in ENERGY.

The energy of the life force – the laughing force – the loving force.  Energy incarnate, energy in the vibrations of the Cosmic Soul, energy in the Atman, Brahman, Shakti and me!

When I was a fetus, I was a funny fetus.  A yet unripe bundle of energy tendrils, globules, synapses, star dust, sparkles and spice.  I came as energy into this world – from another time and place, in an energy capsule of flesh and bone and blood and power and light and positive ions.  Perhaps in my previous life my soul was enwrapped in royal Rajasthani robes, pink, flowing, wind blown from Jaipur palace rooftops.  Perhaps my energy was enshrouded in more humble guise – peasant kurta, cotton pajama, cow dung conditioner, neem shampoo?

I believe this isn’t my first life time in India…nor will it be the last. My energy is electric infinity, blasting through my feminine divine shakti self, heaving, thrusting, dancing, drumming, devilish bursting, Bollywood bumping, hip gyrating energy!

I believe in the energy of morning circle hugs, the energy of Yoga + Yatra + Yes + Yelping luscious, glimmering, gargantuan affirmations of the one and only universal truth out into the lonely, darkness of the galactic chaotic night: LOVE! LOVE ENERGY.  The mother’s energy of fearless sacrifice for her babe, the quiet solitude of love lost, the dreams of love saturated hopes unfulfilled, the energy of love newly discovered, hot and anxious, searching, heart skipping, wandering, and wishing energy…

I believe in NATARAJA energy: explosive dancing feet, percussive, passionate, pliant and poised.  The energy of song and chant and solemn whispered lullabye.  Music ENERGY! The light of hearts and souls, eager to find authentic expression in floating notes, in rests of still silences in between crescendos and staccato eighth notes jabbing complex melodies, urging them along, daring, delirious.

I believe in TREE Energy – the sweet sucking energy of the roots, the energy streaming in sap,  the leaves of energy reaching thirsty for rain, sun, wind.  I believe in the Energy of the FOREST and the garden, the Green Energy of beauty and of bounty.  I believe in the Energy of Poo, the Energy of Pee, of strategically placed compost carefully collected ME spread thick, and thin, with care, here, there and EVERYWHERE.

I believe in the energy of YOUTH and pride and ego… directed, controlled, disciplined, focused on projects for human unity, justice, peace and equity.

I believe in the energy of the AGED… the elderly, the wise… concentrated, collected, cooperatively channeled towards teaching, compassion, gratitude.

I believe in Sadhana energy, the path, the journey, the Seeker’s Energy.  The Energy of longing, the energy of detachment, desire, discovery and trust.  The energy of faith: fathomless, unfolding, filling, freeing.
I believe in the energy of Community… the energy of sweat and toil, collective energy, uniting energy.  The energy required to achieve impossible feats of heroic magnitude, the communal energy of building dreams, growing forests, feeling FULL POWER!

I believe in ENERGY… despite those that don’t… despite the odds.

I believe in the energy of the glamorious, glorious, gigantic, cosmos, the circle of energy that always grows, gleems, glistens and glimmers in each and every one of us!

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