Sunday, January 2, 2011

Simple joys

After lunch and ice cream was served today at the Baptism Party we attended at the Wesley English Church, the children gathered outside the tent to entertain themselves while parents looked on, chatting, smiling and sipping coffee.  The children created a simple game with a small plastic pen cap -- throwing it around, bouncing it on the ground, laughing and cavorting merrily.  They found all this hysterically funny.

It struck me that American children are far less inventive, generally, when they are left alone without electronic gadgets and gizmos and such.  Our kids seem to need more structure and we often feel we have to engineer moments of fun for them.  These Indian children had no need for adult intervention or toys or electronic distractions of any kind.  Theirs was a simple joy. I was fascinated by how easily delighted the children were with this game and how fun it was for them for such a long time.  This little game had children of mixed ages playing and laughing for a good half hour.  It made me smile the whole time -- their joy was infectious.

More pics of these beautiful and serious Indian babies here below.  Such beautiful faces...

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  1. Now that I am caught up, I am eagerly awaiting your next posting. You are truly a great teacher!