Saturday, January 29, 2011

Souvenirs that remind us where we've been... who we've met...

Sacred sunsets from our hut window...

Planting new medicinal trees near the healing hut with Sinead and Pilani

Doing the Karma Yoga!  Bringing life to the gardens with water and sweat

PSU Playing in the mud pool, not afraid to get down and dirty!

For me, these photographs are the best souvenirs because looking at them years from now I can smile and remember the moments, both sacred and playful, serious and joyful.  And also remember the people we've met along the way...

Balu and Malla's Gruhapravesham, a pooja for their housewarming
Rakshas guaring the temple of Kali Ma in Moratandi village near Sadhana Forest

Temple trinkets for sale
Making dream catchers to decorate the main hut

Learning to squat, to aim better, to collect waste, to fertilize the garden

Memories of beauty, ephemeral, here today and gone tomorrow... colorful chalk art in
front of Hindu homes on Pongal, the Harves Festival...

Cleaning, cooking, securing... the life of community and all the scheduling that entails

A holy bus in Pondicherry celebrating the Saint Francis of Assisi who loved animals so
Learning to play new instruments

PSU students Learning to drive auto-rickshaws in India! Don't let the liability office here about this...

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  1. Lovely. I thought the "Temple trinkets" pic was a mural! I've enjoyed following your journey.